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Looking For Inspiration?

A selection of clips from the 2CoTT YouTube Channel - click the icon at the bottom of the page to see more...

Extremadura, Spain

The Pig Whisperer of Andalucia

For a very interesting, different experience, why not see first hand where all that amazing Spanish ham comes from - and learn how well cared for these pigs are. Plus meet the amazing PIG WHISPERER OF ANDALUCIA.

Andalucia, Spain

Festival of Ham - Trevélez

The Alpujarras, Andalucia - hide many secrets. The excellent Fiesta del Jamón in the little village of Trevélez is but one...

Piedmonte, Italy

Castle Grinzano Cavour

A special centuries old Flag Greeting Ceremony awaits and you take your aperitif in this wonderful Italian castle. Later a Michelin starred meal awaits in the turret restaurant. 

Tangier, Morocco

Visit to the Old Town

What's not to love about Morocco? Being so easy accessible from Spain, a visit to wonderful Tangier makes for a great day trip across the Mediterranean. 

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